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 Facials. massage.

relax. unwind. refresh.


European Facial

Enjoy this luxurious treatment, customized for each unique woman. This signature treatment includes deep cleansing and exfoliation with botanical products and enzymes. We stimulate and detoxify the skin, and do extractions if necessary. Just wait, it gets even better; the treatment also includes a relaxing massage of the face, neck, shoulders, back, and feet. 

(1 hour) $75



Cleanse, extraction, massage of feet and face. (20 Minutes)  $45.00

Ultimate Caviar Facial 

The Myoxy-Cavier Mask Treatment offers a non-surgical, holistic approach to help you fight free radicals and regain your skins youthful appearance. Visible benefits include: relaxation of wrinkles, increased skin suppleness & oxygenation, greater cellular activity and extreme hydration.

(1 hour 30 min) $99 mask only $135 with facial. 


Acne Treatments

Floracide Exfoliating Treatment 

This treatment is a combination of flower acid, glycolic and salicylic acid. It helps to control acne & pore clogging, lighten

hyperpigmentation and reduces oil production. 

(1 hour $79.00) 


LMX Acne Treatment

This treatment is for all ages. A special wash and mask is used and then you are placed under the LMX led blue light. This is a purifying light with antibacterial properties used to control acne. Very safe and effective. 

(1 hour) $79.00



Massage Therapy & Teeth Whitening 

also available, inquire within for more information.

Call/Text Available: 860-770-2595






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