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Masks and Peels



All peels are $125 and include massage of neck, face and shoulders.


ACM1 Mild: Skin appears more refined and radiant. Improves overall appearance. Good for all skin types. Contains 2.5% acid pH1.4


AMC 2 Moderate: Helps to improve sun-damaged skin, fine lines and improves texture and tone of mature skin. 5% trichloroacetic acid pH1.02


LACM 1: Improves the appearance of texture and uneven skin tone. Helps problematic skin appear more refined and helps to improve sun-damaged skin and fine lines. 


TCA PAMGEL 1%: Trichloroacetic acid helps texture and tone, fine lines and visible signs of aging.





Thermessence 3-Layer Youthfulness Mask:

This cool, soft-lift mask uses highly beneficial botanicals from the sea to ensure exceptional results.  Regenerate & Calm available. $99


Biomatrix Micro-Collagen Sheet Mask & Collagen Eye Pad: This amazing treatment contains lifting collagen with myoxinol peptides. Helps to smooth out wrinkles and is a Botox alternative. $99


PROTO-CELL Second Skin Sheet Masks: Regenerate, Moisturize or Illuminate your skin with one of these three amazing sheet masks. Regenerate uses stem cells and is great for mature skin. Moisturize is great for dry and sensitive skin. Helps to fight free radicals and helps with hyper-pigmented skin. $99






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